Fast & affordable SAP implementation
for small and medium size manufacturing enterprises

The Solution

The proposed solution is articulated around the main production types encountered in SME manufacturing enterprises:

Our Approach

Our approach is based on our experience with multiple project implementations where in the end the customer comment was “if we had known all this at the beginning we would have done things differently”.

The Training

We thereby first provide in depth training on a standard solution that covers 80 to 90 percent of a typical SME requirements.

The Plan

Once the fundamentals of the system are fully understood, the standard solution is adapted to the needs specific to the customer. Every phase of the project has clear tasks defined with given time frame and check points. Dependencies are tracked in a network diagram.

The Modules

The provided solution includes required functionality of the following SAP Modules:

The Offer

Get your solution in 6 month - ready to use.
For preparing a reliable decision we offer a test phase to learn more about our approach and the solution.

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